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Join our movement in creating a more mindful and impactful life for a student's mental health and future success.

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      Project Little Warriors is a non-profit organization that brings mindfulness and self-love to the younger generation by way of yoga and fitness. It is our mission to bring a more mindful lifestyle to students during their school day so they can bring these tools home with them for a more sustainable life. We give each student resources and outlets that aide in their mental health in creating a postive driven mindset and a new founding discovery of self-love. We achieve these goals through different programs, including school based yoga classes, social emotional learning series' and workshops for teachers to feel supported in their classroom journey. 

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100% of teachers saw a positive impact of self-esteem and mindset with their students 

14% increase of positive feelings toward oneself

“A.S. is a student, who initially struggled with managing his emotions, particularly anger-related emotions at the start of the school year. The after-school program assumed that Aiden would benefit from yoga, so he could have support with learning how to better manage his emotions. I am happy to say that not only have we seen improvements in Aiden with his emotional regulation, but we have also observed his love for yoga.” – Inella R.; KIPP Landing Square Academy

Pillars of PLW

The foundational roots that Project Little Warriors stands and abides by


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