The Ways We Serve Our Community

The Focus of Our Efforts


Virtual School Program

Project Little Warriors is adapting, and transitioning during these times to accommodate and serve our warriors with full purpose. We have transitioned to an online platform for the 2020-2021 school year. A program that allows students of each grade to interact via our website, participate in live and pre-recorded yoga flows, journal prompts and much more! Now more than ever is it imperative to intertwine the concepts of mindfulness and self-love into the curriculum of these young minds and their everyday lives.

Yoga in Schools

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we are bringing yoga into school's to allow these individuals to be filled with that mindfulness and self love we want to provide. We occupy about an hour of these children's school day with a vinyasa flow, giving them this time to reflect, relax, and mentally become aware of their surroundings. 
During this active time in the classroom, PLW teaches a yoga class from anyone in pre-school up to high school.  Our team of certified instructors brings a positive light, role model behavior and an additional outlet of support for each and every child. We also 
provide a mat for every student, music to flow with & skills for calmness and serenity.  We strive to be that support system as they grow through this next phase in their life!

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PLW offers a variety of workshops, emphasizing the importance of enrolling the theories of mindfulness, self-love, grounding, and much more from their mats to their everyday interactions! Our workshops include the following:


Student Workshops: where we dive deeper into the philosophy, purpose, and application of yoga, mindfulness and self love. 


Professional Development Workshops for Teachers: these workshops are the guiding tools in helping teachers incorporate these techniques into their classrooms, student relationships, and personal lives. Teachers are our leaders in sculpting the minds of our next generation, together we can be an advocate for their mental health as well!

The Mindful Method: workshops for organizations and companies looking to provide an outlet for their employees in creating a positive, grounded, and strong work place. These workshops provide many benefits in growing your company and sustaining your employees relationships and well-being!


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Donation Yoga Class

  One of the ways that you can help contribute to bringing mindfulness and self-love to our children is by booking a donation yoga class. Organizations, groups of friends, colleagues and more will be able to experience one of our yoga classes by one of our certified yoga instructors. The cost for this class is donation-based. That means pay what you want! Many private yoga classes range from $60-$100 per person per class. We seek to make our services more accessible, so we do not have a set price. All proceeds go directly to our non-profit to provide services to our under-served population.

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Science Behind Mindfulness Consultation

Are you interested in bringing this service to your school or program? Book an appointment with Tierney, who will meet with you and discuss the science behind how yoga and mindfulness works to calm the brain and help start to heal trauma.



Project Pick Up

At Project Little Warriors we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in creating a solution for connecting resources and people to other resources and people! Orchestrating donation is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We are always looking for yoga mats for our warriors donated by local business' or yoga practitioners. Contact us if you have mats to donate or looking to host a mat drive yourself!