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 James Gaddy's Legacy

Our Founder, James Gaddy

James Gaddy, also known as Mr. Yogi within our PLW community founded Project Little Warriors in 2017. James had a vision and mission to serve the younger generation and love each and every warrior he came across. James experienced many challenges as a young child, overcoming trauma that has molded his heart and vision of today. He desired to give all children the tools and resources to feel safe, to cope, to overcome and to conquer the trials and tribulations these warriors have faced at such a young age.  He gave PLW the foundational roots to grow and prosper in serving and loving every warrior we have the opportunity to teach. James grew PLW from serving just 40 students in 2017 to over 500 in 2020. He taught us so many valuable lessons, how to live a life full of gratitude, and how to be the hero within ourselves. Our fearless leader passed away on August 29th of 2021. Project Little Warriors continues to serve with such passion, love, and admiration for our warriors just as James taught us. His spirit is forever within our hearts and PLW as a whole!

Continuing Mr. Yogi's Legacy...

Project Little Warriors will continue to honor James Gaddy with our James E. Gaddy Jr. Legacy Scholarship. The James Gaddy Legacy Scholarship will be awarded yearly to a PLW student yogi that displays the attributes and parallel characteristics that James Gaddy himself lived. This student yogi will be awarded a monetary scholarship on behalf of PLW as we continue to honor our founder. The awarded student will be someone who has displayed a caring heart for others, a loving mindset shown by both words and actions within the school and the community, and most importantly has partaken in community outreach in serving others. 

You can honor Mr. Yogi's legacy by contributing to the legacy scholarship fund below as we continue to keep the spirit of James Gaddy alive!

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